Law of Attraction: Why Candidate Matchmaking is Easier Than You Think!
March 31, 2023

The future of work is all about people.

Yes, you can have amazing technology and strategies in place, but if you want to grow your business you have to grow your people.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Imagine how different the world of recruitment could be if clients and candidates knew who they were working with and understood the hiring process from beginning to end.

Unfortunately, many agencies have a bad reputation for being detached and not taking the time to get to know their candidates. This is when candidates run the risk of becoming a cog in a faulty recruitment machine, instead of being treated as individuals with their own wants and needs. While it’s understandable that large agencies have high quotas to fill, bad hires come at the expense of both the company AND the candidate.

The Changing Face of Recruitment

How many talent professionals do you know who are involved in the interview process, giving feedback, and observing the interaction between the candidate and the hiring manager?

How many of these professionals are ensuring the candidate’s success, supporting their integration into the organisation 3 months down the line?

These are the critical conversations that need to take place in order to change the way organisations attract and retain their talent.

The more quality focused the hiring process is, the more confident everyone involved will be that the candidate is the right fit.

Much of this confidence comes not only from getting to know the candidate, but from partnering with the company looking for their next hire and the hiring manager looking for their next team member.

This is a true value-added service for companies looking to hire and most importantly, retain top talent.

A New Way Forward

We need to move into a space where we recognise all the best hires occur when recruitment becomes less traditional and more people-focused, offering the right level of attention and time in order to ensure that companies end up with the best person for the job – and that candidates are not seen as just another profile.

This is a chance to realise the full potential of the candidate, and thus of a new organisation.

How are you supporting your candidates throughout the entire recruitment cycle to ensure a successful hire?

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