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By putting the right processes in place, recruiting the right people, engaging employees, instilling positive values and culture in an organisation, and developing and supporting leaders we can improve your productivity and profitability.


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our story

Where it all began

HR360 Ltd. was founded in 2015, born out of a passion for human behaviour and a commitment to transforming organisational dynamics. Our founder, Candice, found her path into HR by chance, driven by an innate curiosity for learning and development. Stepping into a landscape where HR was predominantly transactional, she recognised an opportunity to infuse it with a deeper understanding of human psychology.

Over the years, HR360 Ltd. has evolved into a people-first, leadership-driven organisation. We understand that the influence and actions of leaders profoundly impact employee well-being and organisational outcomes. Drawing from extensive experience navigating the complex dynamics evident in the C-suite boardroom, we adeptly balance business imperatives with human needs.

Central to our ethos is the belief that leadership is synonymous with cultural stewardship. Whether elected or appointed, leaders wield significant influence over organisational culture. We adhere to Edgar Schein’s philosophy that culture emanates from leadership behaviour. Therefore, we advocate for leaders who exemplify the values and behaviours that define their desired culture.

We challenge the notion of leadership for the sake of titles and empower leaders to drive meaningful change within their spheres of influence. By helping organisations prioritise people and values, we aim to foster workplaces where both individuals and businesses thrive.

Our success to date

Today, we are a team of 10 operating in both the UK and South Africa supporting a variety of businesses from start ups, scaling businesses and established businesses who want to instil a best practice way of working.

We have successfully supported scaling businesses going from Series A to Series B funding, businesses who have been acquired, businesses who have wanted to IPO, and everything else in between.

Our team are skilled in a variety of sectors including Tech, Manufacturing, Not for Profit, Logistics and Financial Services, amongst others.

We are and we aim to continue being the HR, Talent and Leadership Development partner of choice for start-up and scaling businesses!

Why choose HR360 Ltd

We get to know you and your people, we understand your culture, and we work with you to achieve your people strategy and your businesses objectives.

By offering a fully outsourced HR and Recruitment service, we set you and your business up for success.

It’s our aim to provide a comprehensive, efficient and cost effective people function, providing you with support at all levels, from HR and Recruitment Administration, Business Partnering, Learning and Development and Strategic Consultants.

We know how to build your business

We will increase productivity

We will enhance your employee's experience

We will recruit based on your needs

We will save you money

We believe in the power of human connection

At HR360, we believe that an organisation is just like a human body – a living, breathing system that requires a healthy balance of different factors to perform optimally.


How emotionally in touch is your organisation?


How smart is your organisation?


What legacy does your organisation leave behind?


How strong is your organisation?


How resilient is your organisation?


How emotionally in touch is your organisation?


How strong is your organisation?


How resilient is your organisation?

These factors are all necessary to create a workplace where people are committed to the organisation’s goals and values, motivated to contribute to its success & feel supported throughout their entire employee lifespan.
An organisation lacking in any of these factors is out of balance, comproming its ability to inspire greatness in its people and reach its full potential.

An organisation lacking in one of these factors is considered out of balance, which compromises its ability to inspire greatness in its people and reach its full potential.

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