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Explore the extensive knowledge of HR360, your HR consultant and outsourced people department. Working closely with your leaders, we focus on creating a strong HR structure and fostering a workplace where employees thrive in their roles. Our custom HR and Leadership solutions cater to your evolving business needs, from setting up a complete HR department to improving leadership skills. Rely on us to help with attracting and keeping top talent, guaranteeing ongoing success for your company

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Customised HR packages designed to suit your specific requirements.

HR360 is a HR consultancy firm that specialises in developing talent and leadership. We act as a reliable HR advisor, aiming to enhance the employee experience which is crucial for business success. Our focus is on creating a more unified and supportive work environment, considering employees’ overall well-being – including emotional, physical, and mental health.

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“I need to hire over 20 employees over the next month and have no person or skill to do it. How can you help me?”


We have a team of very experienced recruiters who are equipped with the skills to do this. By evaluating what you have in place currently, against what you want to achieve we’ll create an efficient recruitment/hiring process that works for your business.

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“My leaders are spending too much time trying to resolve internal issues. How can I alleviate this?"




By investing in the development of your leadership team, you can create a culture of high performance from within. When your leaders know how to engage teams, keep them motivated and guide them towards the company vision with ease, success is inevitable.

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“We keep losing our best people to competitors. What do we need to do to keep them happy and make them stay?




By doing a comprehensive HR Diagnostic we can assess the pulse of your organisation and identify areas that may need improving, along with the skills needed to make those improvements. We’ll look at your recruitment & onboarding processes, along with the existing employee experience and then work with you to make the changes needed to keep your people loyal and happy for the long-term.

"I’m spending too much time doing HR tasks and not focusing on growing the business. Can you provide HR support, so I can focus on more important things?”




Every growing business needs a solid foundation before it can think about growing its talent, the Build Package gives you that. Our HR team will put the basics in place for you, giving you a sound infrastructure to support your business, so you can focus on growing it.

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"Our agency costs are sky high. How can we bring these down and still attract top talent?"




By engaging our HR consultancy service you’ll instantly reduce your agency costs. We provide you with an experienced team of resource professionals, so you can have as little or as much support, depending on the volume of recruitment you have. We’ll manage your entire recruitment process on an outsourced basis, at a fraction of the cost.


"I’ve got a sexual harassment issue in the team and no proper way to manage this internally. What do I do?"




Our team of HR professionals has a wealth of experience and expertise in UK Employment Law, making them a valuable resource for managing challenging situations.

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Professional HR Consultancy for a Collaborative and United Workplace

Uncover the impactful influence of human interaction with HR360. As your HR consultant, we prioritise enhancing talent and leadership, emphasising the importance of creating and maintaining your company’s employee experience. Our goal is to promote a more united and cohesive work environment, taking into account the entirety of an individual’s being – including agility, emotions, spirituality, physical, and mental aspects.

Utilise Our HR Outsourcing and HR Services for Improved Performance.

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Improve your Company with Bespoke Business HR Solutions

Our HR solutions offer total HR support and enable businesses to implement successful frameworks and processes across the entire employee lifecycle. This helps to ensure an optimal employee experience with engagement being measured, managed, and maintained at all times.

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We build the foundations for efficient and effective people management throughout the employee lifecycle.

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Grow your people’s potential to make your business a success, in a culture of high performance.

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You realise the value of having the right people onboard and want to give them the best workplace environment in which to thrive.

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Recruitment Assistance – In the expansion of businesses, HR recruitment skills are essential. We provide specialised recruitment support to help you attract top talent.

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Our mission is to empower our clients to achieve greatness, to inspire businesses to do the extraordinary with their talent, and to enable leaders with the right tools to create and sustain a healthy organisation.


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Saul Nurtman
Saul Nurtman
7 June 2023
Candice and her team at HR360 started working with us in 2016 when we were a small but fast growing software business in the energy space - we were recruiting at a fast pace to cope with our growth. The growth coupled with the HR challenges of managing a large team of young and talented software engineers left us needing support to ensure our business could develop smoothly and we could continue to meet the expectations of our customers while taking on so many new staff members. HR360 managed the entire end to end recruitment process - they also took ownership of our HR function ensuring that our leadership team could focus on developing and growing the business. They were an integral part of our journey.
Ian Hutchinson
Ian Hutchinson
6 March 2023
After joining a new business it was apparent that it did not have the Talent Acquisition infrastructure to support the levels of vacancies it had at the time, HR360 were able to partner with us to support our recruitment drive. With the support of Candice, Nicole and the HR360 team we were able to provide an excellent service to both our hiring managers and candidates, improving our time to hire and reducing our vacancy rates within a 4 month period.