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Where it all began

HR360 Ltd. was founded in 2015, born out of a passion for human behaviour and a commitment to transforming organisational dynamics. Our founder, Candice, found her path into HR by chance, driven by an innate curiosity for learning and development. Stepping into a landscape where HR was predominantly transactional, she recognised an opportunity to infuse it with a deeper understanding of human psychology.

Over the years, HR360 Ltd. has evolved into a people-first, leadership-driven organisation. We understand that the influence and actions of leaders profoundly impact employee well-being and organisational outcomes. Drawing from extensive experience navigating the complex dynamics evident in the C-suite boardroom, we adeptly balance business imperatives with human needs.

Central to our ethos is the belief that leadership is synonymous with cultural stewardship. Whether elected or appointed, leaders wield significant influence over organisational culture. We adhere to Edgar Schein’s philosophy that culture emanates from leadership behaviour. Therefore, we advocate for leaders who exemplify the values and behaviours that define their desired culture.

We challenge the notion of leadership for the sake of titles and empower leaders to drive meaningful change within their spheres of influence. By helping organisations prioritise people and values, we aim to foster workplaces where both individuals and businesses thrive.

Leaders in human connection at work

HR360 is a HR, Talent and Leadership Development Consultancy that helps to create and sustain an organisation’s employee experience.

Our team

Company Founder

Candice Shulman

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Candice is a talent and leadership development consultant with extensive experience working in the UK; EMEA and US regions in entrepreneurial, high performance cultures including the Online, E-Commerce, Energy, Telecommunications, Recruitment and Digital Media Sectors.

She has a solid track record in overcoming organisational performance challenges and driving positive business results through an awareness and understanding of leadership dynamics; employee and brand engagement; people potential and organisational behaviour.

Candice is the owner and founder of HR360 Ltd. She is deeply passionate about people and aims to increase employee and customer value proposition by inspiring, engaging and enabling organisations to do the extra-ordinary with their talent.

Head of Client Partnerships

Jen Mulhern

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Jen has over eight years of experience across the HR generalist space as well as expertise in both Talent Acquisition and Employee Experience.

Organised, logical and process oriented, Jen is passionate about taking a people centric approach, and believes that by empowering employees to reach their full potential, you enable a business to maximise their results.

Jen has experience working across businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to global international corporations, and has significant experience partnering with Senior Leadership teams to offer strategic, efficient, and impactful HR solutions.

HR & Admin Support

Denise Kendall

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Denise is a professional with 8+ years of experience in client care and liaison. Her journey led her to attain a Human Resources certification from UCT, a testament to her genuine interest in people’s development and potential. She has navigated diverse industries, gaining a deep understanding of cultures and a strong people-centric approach.

Denise firmly believes that a company’s success hinges on effective communication, investing in human capital, and empowering leaders to drive growth.

Her career demonstrates a commitment to aligning individual and organizational interests, recognising the power of valuing and nurturing employees for a positive impact. Denise is dedicated to helping organizations thrive by focusing on their most valuable asset: human capital.

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HR 360 Ltd
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Chelsea Lee BruceChelsea Lee Bruce
06:55 12 Dec 23
Collaborating with HR 360 has been an absolute pleasure. Their communication and personalized approach surpass any HR agency I've worked with before. The level of professionalism and dedication they bring to the table sets them apart, making the entire experience exceptionally positive. I highly recommend HR 360 for their outstanding service and expertise.
Luc RF RecruiterLuc RF Recruiter
17:12 11 Dec 23
I have known this organisation for many years. They have always provided my company with expert support and guidance. As name suggest they are 360 HR experts and cover every aspect of HR as well as L&D and tailored leadership development.
Nicole CommerfordNicole Commerford
15:26 11 Dec 23
I am thrilled to share my exceptional experience with HR360 Ltd! As a consultant working with clients seeking top-notch services, I couldn't be more impressed with the professionalism, expertise, and dedication demonstrated by the entire HR360 team.From the moment I engaged with HR360, it was evident that they prioritize excellence in every aspect of their services. The team's commitment to understanding the unique needs of clients is unparalleled. They go above and beyond to tailor solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations.What sets HR360 apart is their proactive and forward-thinking approach. The consultants at HR360 are true experts in their field, providing invaluable insights and innovative strategies. Their commitment to staying ahead of industry trends ensures that clients receive cutting-edge solutions that drive success.Communication is great, and the level of transparency throughout the entire process is commendable. HR360 fosters a collaborative environment where clients and consultants work together seamlessly towards shared goals. This level of partnership is truly refreshing and contributes significantly to the overall success of the projects. Thanks HR360 Ltd!
Saul NurtmanSaul Nurtman
12:04 07 Jun 23
Candice and her team at HR360 started working with us in 2016 when we were a small but fast growing software business in the energy space - we were recruiting at a fast pace to cope with our growth. The growth coupled with the HR challenges of managing a large team of young and talented software engineers left us needing support to ensure our business could develop smoothly and we could continue to meet the expectations of our customers while taking on so many new staff members.HR360 managed the entire end to end recruitment process - they also took ownership of our HR function ensuring that our leadership team could focus on developing and growing the business. They were an integral part of our journey.
Ian HutchinsonIan Hutchinson
09:21 06 Mar 23
After joining a new business it was apparent that it did not have the Talent Acquisition infrastructure to support the levels of vacancies it had at the time, HR360 were able to partner with us to support our recruitment drive.With the support of Candice, Nicole and the HR360 team we were able to provide an excellent service to both our hiring managers and candidates, improving our time to hire and reducing our vacancy rates within a 4 month period.