Bringing In the New: How Summer Reflection Sparks The Need For Change

Aug 22, 2023

Bringing In the New: How Summer Reflection Sparks The Need For Change
August 22, 2023

 We’re in August. That time of year when an unspoken hiatus occurs.

Many people take their vacations.

Its time for family, friends, connection, good weather (hopefully), travel and on a professional level, the summer often creates space for a brief pause.

The business owners and leaders we work with often find themselves in a period of unplanned reflection, as they have a long overdue window of opportunity to catch their breath a little. 

Suddenly all of the challenges and struggles theyve been facing start to bubble to the surface for review, as they consider: 

🚨Whats been draining their energy ?

🚨What theyve found challenging ?

🚨Whats working and what isnt ?

🚨Whats been keeping them up at night ?

The reality of running a business and all of the pressure this creates, starts to set in.

Theyre able to acknowledge how hard running a business is and that being responsible for people is challenging.

They finally admit that being accountable for everything and ensuring the survival of their business, is both stressful and exhausting.

It’s Personal

This brief period of reflection also brings to the fore the more personal challenges that many leaders are facing today.

🔥 They dont have time to focus on other areas of their life

🔥 Theyre productive, but not efficient with their time.

🔥 They dont feel they can be themselves and be a leader.

🔥 They have so much on their plate that they cant think clearly.

🔥 They sometimes feel like an imposter.

🔥 They dont know how to be effective in their role and be in touch with their emotional needs.

🔥 They dont feel like they can create new habits, or find the space to be as healthy as theyd like.

🔥 They dont feel like they can find balance.

The never-ending treadmill theyve found themselves on, keeps them running and always trying to keep up, but never feeling like theyre winning the race. 

The intensity of these realisations can be strong and uncomfortable.

Often these insights trigger a deep desire to make changes, to create new habits and implement new processes and systems. 

To really make a change that will have a positive impact not just for them, but also for their business and their teams.

Many of the business owners and leaders we work with have clarity on what needs to change and truly want to create new habits.

They know WHAT they want to create, but they struggle to see HOW they can really do things differently longterm.

They struggle to see how they might be preventing their own success.

They dont know how to take a step back to allow others to support them with these challenges.

Theres so much to work on, they dont really know where to start and they dont trust that anyone would make changes as effectively as they would.

They dont know how to get out of their own way.

And the trouble is, once September rolls around theyll be back to playing catch up and many of the positive intentions will fall by the wayside.

That is, until the effect of these challenges is having a big enough impact on them or their business, that it forces them to stop and adjust.

Don’t wait for a Crisis

So rather than wait until youve hit crisis point, how do you commit to making the valuable and necessary changes that are long overdue, whilst still keeping on top of your day to day work responsibilities?

🧱 How do you implement changes in your business when you struggle to make the room for yourself?

🧱 How do you manage the effect of change within your teams, to avoid creating uncertainty and distress?

🧱 How do you lead by example and change the culture of your business when youre not even sure whats going wrong?

The answer lies in how well you know yourself, how effectively youre able to reflect on the culture that youre creating and how important these changes really are to you.

Because as the leader and the figurehead of the business, everything starts with you.

All the challenges, all the conflict, all the business issues.

Theyre ultimately yours to handle.

But not in the way you might think.

This isnt about you doing more.

This is about harnessing your own genius so you can increase your effectiveness, efficiency and unlock your brilliance.

Its also about knowing how to nurture those around you, so they can support you & your vision.

But you can only nurture others when you really know yourself.

The Solution

Thats why we created ‘Leadership Beyond The Theory’

To create a space for leaders, C-Suite Executives and Business Owners to be together, to focus, gain valuable insights and change whats needed.

This is a space for Leadership conversations – to share your challenges and understand what other leaders are grappling with.

To share your own experiences, gain valuable insight from others & find strategies that really work.

This is self development work, but not as you know it.

Our 12-month leadership programme isnt an instruction guide, or a step by step process – its a process of insights, reflections, discussions.

We invite you to bring your dilemmas, your most difficult moments in leadership, your insights into bad leadership and to use these experiences to be better.

We’ll equip you with tools, techniques and golden nuggets that are proven to be effective and youll be able to use these to shift your challenges and finally make the changes you NEED to make to ensure your business success. 

We’ll support you with 1-1 coaching and reflection sessions, to offer you tangible take-aways that will make you more effective, more productive and your business more profitable.

This isnt a cookie cutter exercise or a quick fix. Itll take work.

But its time to make the space thats needed to really focus on the areas you want to improve. 

Its time to clear the murky water and give yourself the perspective you need to be a better leader.

Leadership Beyond The Theory

The next course is starting in September and spaces are limited, to ensure each person gets the most from the journey.

As we head into the last quarter of the year, take the leap and invest in yourself today.

Make this the year you brought in the new and propelled your business and yourself forwards.

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